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Forty years ago when I began quilting, I did so like many others using tradional patterns and techniques. Soon I realized I didn't like the repitition of sewing traditional blocks, but I had an overwhelming need to creatively express myself and the tactile quality of fiber kept me in quilting. Following my own drummer, I began the exploration of a non-traditional styles. I have pursued a more contemporary quilting route, today finding myself working more and more in mixed-media to achieve that same "need" for creative expression.

Lecture 2: HARNESSING MY CREATIVITY (45-60mins)
Using examples of what I do with all those stimulating creative ideas, words, phrases, photo's, magazine clippings or miscellaneous day to day ephemera. How to trap them before they escape my memory or grasp and are lost or gone forever. This lecture includes an unusual trunk show, from idea journals, scrapbooks, inspiration boards to the art piece that results. Of course I have more inspiration than finished items.

Lecture 3: ONCE YOU START, YOU CAN'T STOP...... (45-60mins)
Embellishing your quilts that is, at least I can't.   I went from being a traditional quiltmaker to using anything that was within my line of vision, grasp and even my husbands stashes....okay, okay his "Collections", to embellish my work. There is a way to attach anything if you give it some creative thought. Trunk show included.



Please see our Contact Us page for pricing details.  Each workshop includes a kit fee or occasionally a supply fee so that students don't have to hunt for those hard to find items.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at

Altered Art Journal- 6hrs
$25 kit fee
Supply list will be emailed after booking confirmed.
Create a miniature hand-stitched art quilt to cover your hard cover altered journal. Learn how to make signatures out of scrapbook and watercolor paper as well as paper grocery sacks. Use stamping, stenciling, and painting to add color to several of your book pages before learning a simple bookbinding technique to finish it off.

Layered Pages- 6hrs
$30 kit fee
Supply list will be emailed after booking confirmed.
Create a little fabric book using a variety of surface design methods to create backgrounds for a variety of focal points (floral or bird themed). This book has a little of everything stamping, stenciling, screen printing, foiling, collage, embroidery, beading, wool applique, found objects, and more.

Texture Explorations- 3hrs

$25 kit fee
Supply list will be emailed after booking confirmed.
Ever wonder just how to use silk carrier rods/cocoons or even burlap?   This class will focus on flowers and help you lose the fear of trying out those items.  You will choose one of our Texture Packs in your favorite color way.  Using those items you will create an art quilt/wall hanging with some embroidery stitches covered to further enhance the piece.

Embroidered Burlap- 3hrs

$20 kit fee
Supply list will be emailed after booking confirmed.

We love having small projects that we can bring with us on our travels which for us means hand-stitching and embroidery. Creating a textured background on burlap gives the perfect base to allow your free form embroidery to shine. Choosing just one embroidery stitch to repeat allows you to focus on changing up the textures/weights of what you use to create it.  As featured on Quilting Arts TV Series 1700

Textured Collage- 3 or 6hrs
$25 kit fee
Supply list will be emailed after booking confirmed.

It is hard to throw out those little pieces of hand-dyed fabrics from a previous project! Those are all you need though to create a collaged background with a variety of textures/fibers for your next art quilt. Use of a non-traditional fiber as the base for a photo transfer along with hand-quilting and embroidery round it out.  As featured on Quilting Arts TV Series 1700.

Stacked Landscapes- 3 or 6hrs
 $25 kit fee
Supply list will be emailed after booking confirmed.

We all have strips leftover from previous projects. We can't seem to bring ourselves to toss out those hand-dyed beauties.  You will learn how to use color and placement to create a small landscape that will be your focal point.  You will use some hand-quilting and embroidery to really make it shine.  Then we will discuss the various methods of display so that you may decide how to finish off your piece.

Leave Your Fingerprints on the Page- 3.5hrs
 $25 kit fee
Supply list will be emailed after booking confirmed.
Make a small simple accordion style book the size of a postcard. Use non-traditional supplies, such as Lutradur, Angelina, cheesecloth, watercolor paints, photo’s printed on fabric, embellishment’s and more to create your own unique book. You may choose to make each page individualized or your book may have one continuous theme. This is truly a mixed-media project.

Landscape Painting With Fabric- 3hrs
 $15 Supply Fee
Supply list will be emailed after booking confirmed.
Step out of your comfort zone in this workshop where you will create a small scale landscape. When working in such a small size it is important to maintain the appropriate scale, as well as using “values” to create a sense of depth visually in the landscape. View your “stash” with new eyes, wrong sides of fabric, fussy cutting to create nature’s elements or even using “bitz” of fancies to give shine or shadow. Your finished art can simply be framed like a painted landscape or sashed into a quilt.

Mixed Media Fabric Collage- 3hrs
$15 supply fee
Supply list will be emailed after booking confirmed.
We all need instant gratification don't we?  In this workshop you will create two collages.  The first being a fabric based collage with emphasis on a image transfer technique to create a focal point.  The second collage will focus on creating a layered background on watercolor paper to then build your collage on.