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Fiber on a Whim, LLC


Texture Explorations (4 week online class)

Back by request!!

Ever wonder just how to use silk carrier rods/cocoons or even burlap?   This class will focus on flowers and help you lose the fear of trying out those items.  You will choose one of our Texture Packs in your favorite color way.  Using those items you will create an art quilt/wall hanging.  Each week the techniques will vary, so that four panels you create will show how simple changes in the handling of the fibers can convey a different impression or emotion.  Some embroidery stitches will be covered to further enhance the surface.   Most techniques covered can be done by hand with no need of a sewing machine.

Each week will include a PDF instruction handout as well as at least one tutorial video.  You can access these videos and handouts at any time you would like to after they are released.  You can work at your own pace that way.  The "classroom" will be available for a total of 12 weeks so that if there is a hiccup in life you can still access all class videos when you need to.

Skill Details:
All Levels
Materials Included:
Kit includes the vast majority of items you will need.
Sewing Machine in good working order and basic sewing supplies.
Instructor Name:
Janelle Girod
Instructor Bio:
Janelle Girod

Texture Explorations (4 week online class)

$ 90.00
Includes Kit (Texture Pack, Extra set of cocoons, silk ribbon, rayon seam binding, hand needles, wool bits, and silk scraps)